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Posted April 28, 2015

Photo of Human Brain X-Ray View With Skull And Spine

Poor mental health impacts approximately 20 percent of our population, which leads to a significant reduction in productivity and places a large economic burden on society. Which of the following mental health benefits of regular exercise is MOST CLOSELY linked to elevated problem-solving capacities?***

A. Improved Self-Esteem
B. Improved Eating Habits
C. Stress Reduction
D. Improved Sleep
E. Elevated Energy

*HINT* — Find the answer in Dr. Brad Sadl’s article, covering The Eight Mental Health Benefits of Regular Exercise over on Dragon Door’s Strong Medicine Blog.

P.S. — This is one doc who practices what he preaches!

Answer: C


Posted May 12, 2015


Photo of Obesity Evolution

At a lower level of training intensity, ______ provide the majority of energy to the system. As the amount of intensity increases, a greater percentage of ______ are oxidized by the body for energy. This helps explain why sedentary/inactive/obese people generally respond best to a ______ nutrition plan.

A. carbohydrates; fats; low-fat/high-carb
B. fats; carbohydrates; low-carb/high-fat
C. proteins; carbohydrates; low-carb/high-protein
D. carbohydrates; proteins; low-fat/high-protein
E. proteins; fats; low-fat/low-protein

Answer: B


Posted May 19, 2015


Photos of Actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

 Which of the following rep ranges offers the most muscle-building benefits?

(A) 1-3
(B) 3-6
(C) 6-8
(D) 8-12
(E) 12-15+
(F) It depends on how well total volume is balanced with other variables like intensity, density and consistency in relation with an individual’s recovery efforts.

Answer: F


Posted June 2, 2015


Photos of Al and Danny Kavadlo

An effective core workout involves strengthening which of the following muscle areas?

A. Psoas Muscle
B. Lower Back Muscles
C. Upper Back Muscles
D. Abdominal/Midsection Muscles
E. All of the above
F. “Abs are made in the kitchen–not the gym.”

Answer: E


Posted June 9, 2015


Photos of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and John Meadows

Finding ways of increasing muscle tension during your workouts is arguably the ideal way to promote muscle growth. Which of the following training modalities offers the most practical application of CONSTANT tension for a BEGINNER setting out to achieve greater back “definition?” *

*HINT: The answer to this question assumes that the individual is attacking their goal without the guidance of a coach/trainer and that they are eating/sleeping well. Also note the words in caps.

A. Row with Free-Weight Dumbbell(s), Barbell(s) or Kettlebell(s)
B. Bodyweight Row with Suspension Trainer, Gymnastics Rings or Straight Bar
C. Seated/Standing Row with Free-Weight Cable Machine
D. Seated Machine-Guided Row
E. None of the Above

Answer: D


Posted June 16


Photo of Egg-Veggie Omelette 

It is healthier to expand your nutrient density, your absorption of plant protein and your nutrient diversity with the inclusion of some ___________ food in your diet.

A. raw
B. organic
C. paleo
D. conservatively cooked
E. fermented

Answer: D


Posted June 23, 2015


Photos of Calisthenics Queen Grace Menendez and Actor Tom Hardy (from his role in the 2011 movie Warrior)

Which of the following is a myth?

A. Throwing up while working out makes you more “hardcore.”
B. Never eat fat and carbohydrates in the same meal to stay leaner.
C. You have to eat different foods for different goals.
D. Depleting water from your system will make your midsection tighter.
E. Sodium makes your body hold water.
F. All of the above
G. None of the above

Answer: F


Posted June 30, 2015


Photos of Al Kavadlo demonstrating the full expression of an explosive, superman push-up and Beth Andrews Rkc demonstrating the windmill with a kettlebell

True mastery of an exercise means _____________ .

A. being able to load and perform a movement with as much weight as possible.
B. being able to perform a movement at any tempo.
C. being able to perform a movement explosively (i.e., slow & controlled eccentric, minimal isometric pause at peak muscle contraction, followed by a powerful concentric).
D. being able to perform a movement slowly and under as much control as possible throughout a full range-of-motion.
E. being able to perform a movement unilaterally or with an emphasis on one side at a time.
F. being able to perform a movement without shoes (i.e., barefoot).

Answer: B


Posted July 7, 2015


Photo of a VERY Hungry and Angry HULK

Cravings for ___________ are associated with a deficiency in ___________ . Eat more ___________ to help reduce further cravings.

A. salty foods; zinc and calcium; dairy foods/legumes
B. oily foods; iron; animal protein/especially red meat
C. gluten-containing bread/pasta; fiber; vegetables/especially dark leafy greens
D. gluten-containing bread/pasta; Vitamin A/beta-carotene; carrots/sweet potatoes/pumpkin
E. chocolate & most other sweets; magnesium; nuts/seeds/vegetables/fruits
F. B and E
G. C and E
H. None of the above

Answer: G


Posted July 14, 2015


Photos of Coach Carl Paoli demonstrating some rope climbing & Camille Leblanc-Bazinet cleaning some weight

Increasing _______ and _______ strength is an overlooked strategy to blast through plateaus while minimizing risk of injury.

A. core; shoulder
B. core; isometric
C. low back; grip
D. relative; explosive
E. upper back; glute
F. B and C
G. A and D
H. None of the Above

Answer: F


Posted July 21, 2015

TuesdayFitnessTrivia7.21.2015[JenniferLopez] TuesdayFitnessTrivia7.21.2015[Will Smith]

Photos of a music artist Jennifer Lopez and actor Will Smith

Client: “I do x, y or z class at least three times a week, all 60 minutes each, and I’ve cleaned up my diet quite a bit (compared to where I started a couple months ago). But I just can’t seem to get rid of this stubborn fat around my inner thighs, arms and stomach. My body weight also fluctuates more than expected. What am I doing wrong? Plus I’d really like to tighten up for this vacation I’m going on in a few weeks.”

Trainer: “I certainly admire your enthusiasm to stay more active and eat better! In addition to not weighing yourself every day, I’d also strongly recommend that you focus on _________.”

A. cutting your calories further
B. spot-reducing body fat via isolating your muscles
C. increasing your training intensity
D. increasing your cardio
E. none of the above

Answer: C


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