The Whole Professional: A Collection of Essays to Help You Achieve a Full & Satisfying Life

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I’m excited to be one of 15 authors who contributed to the following book on personal and professional development.  The writers involved in this project share a wealth of knowledge from their many years of experience in wellness, corporate and consulting work.  This book is perfect for an individual starting their career, someone looking for ways to enhance their current career path & lifestyle, and, of course, anyone seeking new direction.  The focus of my chapter is The Seven Holistic Health Wonders of the World.  Further details have been provided below on how to get your copy TODAY!

The Whole Professional

By: Eric Buratty (et. al.), Editor & Contributor


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Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Main Line Press, First Edition (September 16, 2015), Vanleer TN

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9895795-5-1

Product Dimensions (lwh): 9 x 6 x .9 inches

Shipping Weight: Approximately 1 pound




Table of Contents


Foreword (pg. 9)

Mack Munro


Chapter 1: Change is Inevitable . . . Growth is Optional (pg. 13)

Joseph L. Almond


Chapter 2: The Seven Holistic Health Wonders of the World (pg. 27)

Eric Buratty


Chapter 3: Designing Your Own Personal Strategic Roadmap: Creating an Overarching Framework of What You Want (pg. 63)

Margie Bush, SHRM-SCP | SPHR


Chapter 4: Free to Be the REAL Me (pg. 83)

Linda Coveney


Chapter 5: Work-Life Balance: How to Tip the Scales in Your Favor (pg. 105)

Paul W. Critchley


Chapter 6: Careers in Chaos: Suggestions for Achieving Career Success in Turbulent Times (pg. 133)

Kevin Fallon


Chapter 7: Make it Happen and Get it Done (pg. 157)

Treva R. Gordon


Chapter 8: Know Yourself. Socrates was Right. (pg. 177)

Paul E. Greasley, Ph.D.


Chapter 9: The Job of Getting a Job (pg. 195)

LTCOL David S. Maurer | USA | Retired


Chapter 10: Owning Your Growth (pg. 215)

Kathleen Peterson, MBA


Chapter 11: Your White Box: Life-Defining Moments (pg. 231)

Gary R. Rohmann


Chapter 12: It’s an Inside Job: 5 Not-So-Common, Non-Traditional Techniques for Personal Development (pg. 269)

Teresa Rome | MA | SPHR


Chapter 13: Are You an Entrepreneur? (pg. 297)

Lauren Smith


Chapter 14: How to Take a Leap of Faith (pg. 315)

Jeremy R. Stinson


Chapter 15: HARVEST: Set and Achieve Your Goals; Reap Your Rewards (pg. 333)

Shawna Todd


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STOP settling for average.

STOP conforming to social standards and judgments.

STOP being a DREAMER; the world has enough of those.


START being a DOER; live a life that matters by reading and applying the info in this book TODAY!


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