Changing Lives

“I’ve always been pretty active—I run half marathons and do several triathlons a year—but I’ve always had a problem with extra weight, especially since my daughter was born in 2011.  I was pretty much resigned to thinking that I would be over 200 lbs forever, regardless of the workouts that I did.

Then I started training with Eric in January of 2014.  In the 11 weeks that I’ve worked with him so far, I’ve dropped over 30 lbs, from 221 lbs to 189 lbs.  I’ve also lost over 11% body fat and have increased both my strength and flexibility substantially.  I used to go to the gym and exercise for a solid 60-90 minutes, most of that time spent bored on the same old cardio and strength equipment.  Since I started training with Eric, my workouts are not only more interesting, but they are much more effective and take much less time.  He designs each workout around my specific goals and I really feel that he genuinely cares about my success.

Not only has he helped to improve my workout regimen, but he has also helped me to improve my nutritional practices.  (I don’t want to call Eric’s nutritional recommendations a “diet,” because I don’t feel like I’m deprived of anything.)  He has shown me the proper way to use food as fuel, and not as a source of comfort or to fill boredom.  I’ve found him to be the right mix of tough (‘Eric, this is sooo hard!’) and supportive (‘Jen, you really did awesome today!’), as well as extremely accessible and a wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge.  I highly recommend him to anyone, regardless of their situation or goals, because of his outstanding ability to cater his training regimen to each client.”

Jen Parker



“Eric Buratty is a consummate professional. As a fellow trainer, he has put me through many challenging workouts and provided ideas that I’ve been able to pass on to my own clients.  Eric brings a fresh perspective on body weight exercises. I’ve also found the  balance work quite effective at improving my core strength and stability.

As a trained Biologist and Nutritionist, I’ve had many informative conversations with Eric on weight management and diet. He has an extensive knowledge base and has provided me with many useful tips that I have incorporated into my own eating habits.

I HIGHLY recommend Eric Buratty for all your training and nutrition needs!”

Ingrid Warner, BS Biology, CPT, CWMS


“As someone who has experienced working with several chain gym trainers, Eric has truly set himself apart through his dedication to fitness and health knowledge, and more importantly, customer service.  He offers numerous resources as a personal service to help you achieve your goals apart from just simple workout sessions, including newsletters and personal dietary advice where needed.  I have struggled to lose weight my entire life, and I have finally begun to have success and move in the right direction; I owe much of that success to Eric’s contagious passion for health and fitness.”Nick Ciafardoni


“Eric places a great emphasis on a healthy lifestyle as a means to prevent health issues.  This perspective has helped motivate me to form better health habits in terms of both my workout schedule and food choices.  He has helped me view these activities as a way of ensuring a higher quality of life in the future as well as in the present.

Thanks to Eric, I now appreciate fitness as a key to a better lifestyle for myself. Eric places great focus on ensuring that I work each muscle completely during each exercise.  His guidance has helped me re-evaluate the types of exercises I do and the form with which I do them. As a result, I have been able to better engage my body during each workout.

One of the tips he’s given me is: ‘contraction is king.’  This has helped me make the most of each repetition that I do.  Eric brings a positive attitude alongside fitness expertise.  This combination has made training & my fitness journey into a personal and passionate one.”Michael Flores


“As somebody with severe back problems, I used to think that exercises I could safely do were limited.  Through Eric’s unique, whole-body approach to working out, he really opened my eyes and gave me new ideas.  I incorporated some of his suggestions and can already feel a tremendous improvement within a short period of time.  My workouts were becoming a little stale and monotonous, and I am excited about how a few new exercises invigorated my time at the gym.”Thomas Brunhart


“Eric Buratty has provided excellent training and advice.  He’s helped me develop better health habits by changing my breakfast, for example, to eating Greek yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, and even sardines, as well as concentrating more on eating proteins in other meals.  This has noticeably improved my energy levels.  I’ve also followed his advice on strengthening my core.  When I am not officially training with him, I am concentrating on strengthening my core.  He is an expert at knowing how to perform exercises safely and correctly and making you get the most out of them.  I particularly like the fact that he focuses his complete attention on you when training. There is no wasted motion.  He has a nice personality which complements his training regimen as well.  As a result, I find myself having more energy during the day because of the training and the nutrition tips he’s shared.  I recommend him very highly.” – Alan Levine


“Training with Eric provides consistency, structure and the support I need to meet my goals for a healthier lifestyle.  Eric took time to understand my goals and what’s important to me.  He knows when to push me to do more, and be patient enough to know my physical limits.  Eric brings a variety of bodyweight and weighted exercises to the table.  He discusses their benefits and which variations offer the best results for the objective to be accomplished.  He genuinely cares and is passionate about my health goals.” – Mihir Mehta


“The exercises and moves that I’ve learned from Eric’s training have really helped me.  Since I have muscle spasm issues to work around, I need to listen to my body.  In spite of this, I’ve found myself feeling very energetic throughout the day whenever I practice the exercises that Eric recommends.  Eric has also shown me some therapeutic stretches for my upper back that I now use every day before and after my own workouts.” – Lalitha Vasan


“Eric has encouraged me to make daily exercise and eating right a key part of my lifestyle.  I’ve really admired his passion for explaining how food choices impact my body and energy for the level of activity I’m able to commit to each week.

First, his warm-up and cool-down phases of our workouts have allowed me to work harder without getting hurt—and lead me to develop better stress and recovery habits outside of our sessions.  For example, I’m sleeping better, I’m more willing to try other activities (such as yoga to compliment our workouts), and I’m more productive in the workplace setting.  From day one, Eric has been able to show me how I can challenge my body without defeating it.  I tend to be hesitant about trying a new move sometimes, but Eric somehow instinctively knows when my body is ready to handle it.  It’s a very exciting experience to leave our sessions with an “I can do this!” feeling.

Finally, it’s awesome to have a trainer that’s so knowledgeable in discussing better nutrition habits.  Eric has made it very clear to me why most people have no business eating processed and refined carbs—and that I need to be stay well hydrated and replace those commonly craved foods with more veggies and fruits.  As a result, my main meals are more balanced and fulfilling than ever before. I remain satisfied longer without feeling bloated, fatigued or mentally drained.

Learning and applying what Eric has to offer has simply made the personal training experience more enjoyable than imagined.”

Astrid Portillo


 “I appreciate learning new ways of moving my body that involve my core . . . taking basic planks, push-ups and crawling to a whole new level with Eric.  These are things I can do at home, with or without a gym membership.  My workouts are now shorter and more effective than ever before.” – Rona Han



“I feel like Eric develops reasonable but challenging workout routines for me.  I feel like I can do them on my own when we aren’t training one-on-one.  I feel much more confident about keeping track of my own fitness when working with Eric.”

Sandy P. Young