Meat Consumption Increases Fat Storage by 67%

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By Eric Buratty | Published June 2, 2015

Hopefully people actually clicked through and are now reading this.

  • I just made this up to see if people would actually read the blog before sharing, or get pissed off and write something derogatory based on the headline.

  • Perhaps equally as bad, there may be a few followers out there who just scroll by and “like” the post on Facebook, thinking this is a legitimate finding that I stumbled across.

  • If you know me, you know that I’m a strong advocate of a diet rich in animal protein sources.  In EVERY serving of animal protein, we git a hit of all essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein.  Key examples include whole eggs, ground bison, lamb racks, wild salmon, turkey breast and yogurt.

  • Complete protein sources allow us to mobilize fat more readily than incomplete protein sources that are often emphasized in vegan and vegetarian-based diets.

  • Make no mistake, there is NOTHING wrong with eating a vegan or vegetarian-based diet.  Just realize that an even greater variety of plant protein sources is necessary with these types of diets in order to achieve a more balanced amino acid profile.  This may result in unintentional overeating for this population.

  • So, sorry to get your hopes up or offend you, but meat consumption does NOT increase fat storage by 67 percent.

  • P.S. — You might want to stay away from tofu, though.  😉


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